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[Dec. 3rd, 2006|02:40 pm]


the difference engine (ex members of xbxrx) is getting ready for our winter aught six eastcoastish tour! get ready for a new EP, shirts, buttons and more of the first EP in new packaging with candy flavored inserts. we're really excited to be playing with so many of our friends on this thang, and even more excited to make new ones! so if you see us, come talk to us because we'll probably be your best friends. the tour looks something like this.

The Difference Engine
'The Difference Engine is steampunk noise you can dance to. From Mobile, Alabama, the Difference Engine features members of XBXRX and has shared the stage, floor or roof with such bands as The Firebird Band, XBXRX, We Quit!, Matt and Kim, Karmella's Game and countless others. The Difference Engine live show is a ball of energy fused with dance grooves and hugs for miles.'

jan 2 Athens TBA

jan 3 Asheville TBA

jan 4 Greenville - The Spazz

jan 5 Richmond - The Bonezone

jan 6 College Park NEED HELP!

jan 7 Washington, DC - The Warehouse

jan 8 Brooklyn - Magnetic Field

jan 9 Pittsburgh - The Muscle Zone

jan 10 Columbus NEED HELP!

jan 11 Bloomington NEED HELP!

jan 12 Louisville NEED HELP!

jan 13 Murfreesboro NEED HELP!

if you can help us out with a show, pleeeease let us know. its coming down to the wire and we really wanna do this! all ages DIY spaces, art spaces, restaurants and houses are a plus! thanks!